Smartline Putting Speed Control Kit – Yardstick
April 10, 2024
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Smartline Putting Speed Control Kit – Towel




Do you 3 putt and struggle with speed on your putts? The Smartline Putting Speed Control Kit will help you understand how to control speed to make more putts and eliminate 3 putts. Many golfers struggle with either decelerating or forcing acceleration in their putting stroke. The Smartline Putting golf towel will help you create an equal length back and through putting stroke and an even rhythm to your stroke. Aa very uneven length putting stroke will create inconsistent speed control in your putting.

The numbers on the microfiber golf towel “True Distance” for a putt. You will practice swinging the putter from the 5 to the 5 to get a feel for how much swing is needed to roll the ball 5 feet. You will continue this all the way up to 30 feet. This will help create a stroke that is the same length back and through and you now having a reference for how much swing is needed for each distance. The golf towel is microfiber waffle weave size 16in x 40 in.

The Ghost Hole will help you work on your “True Distance” how far the ball actually goes past the hole. Many times you can have poor speed and it hits the hole and goes in but it would have gone 4 feet by the hole. Thats not actually good speed. The Ghost Hole will help you see the “True Distance”

The Chalk Pen will allow you to make a mark on the green based on the numbers on the golf towel to work on your stroke length. You can remove the golf towel and work just on the green with the chalk marks. Helps to see directly in line with the putter face.

The Cup Reducer is very beneficial on 5-10 foot putts as if the ball is going to fast it will just go right over the smaller hole size. You will learn to die the ball more into the hole to get it in the smaller size.

All of these Smartline Putting tools of the Speed Control Kit will help you create a consistent stroke and be able to control your putting speed consistently. With this you will make more putts and eliminate 3 putts.

You will receive:
– Smartline Putting Distance Control Microfiber Golf Towel
– Smartline Putting Cup Reducer
– Smartline Putting Ghost Hole
– Smartline Putting Chalk Pen

– BONUS – one (1) Golf ball alignment tool and one (1) SmartLine Putting black pen



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