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January 11, 2021
SmartLine Putting Target Hole – 2 Pack
August 10, 2021
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SmartLine Putting Cup Reducer



The SmartLine Putting Cup Reducer fits snugly inside the hole to make your practice cup smaller, and does not damage the green. It has two different levels to decrease the size of the hole. Practicing to a smaller target will truly show you how good your putt is. Also if your speed is too fast it will go right over the cup reducer and past the hole. Can be used on all lengths of putts. Practicing with the cup reducer will make the regular cup look bigger during the round which can increase your confidence and help you make more putts!


You will receive:

– SmartLine Putting Cup Reducer

– BONUS – one (1) Golf ball alignment tool and one (1) SmartLine Putting black pen

-Golf Ball is not included


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