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July 15, 2021
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September 6, 2022
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SmartLine Putting Target Hole – 2 Pack



Use them for tournament prep on the green in a practice round of where the pins might be and putting to them like the tour players do
Speed control drills as the ball can roll right over the target hole
Used for a breaking putt for green reading in setting it up and having to putt over them on the correct line. 
Landing spot for all short game shots
Made of flexible plastic but solid enough to stay flat on green
 Very thin so the ball can roll over it with very little effect (just over 1/16 inch thick).  
Exact size of actual cup


You will receive:

– 2 SmartLine Putting Target Hole

– BONUS – one (1) Golf ball alignment tool and one (1) SmartLine Putting black pen

-Golf Ball is not included


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