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November 13, 2019
Smartline Putting System & Smartline Putting Pro Board
August 6, 2020
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SmartLine Putting Pro Board



The SmartLine Putting Pro Board is a highly effective putting training aid to help you with getting the face square at impact, start the ball on line, making center face contact, green reading and visualization. It will give you instant feedback and show you why you are missing putts and help you start making more putts. Comes with a SmartLine Putting case for easy transport and storage.

The SmartLine Putting Pro Board has 3 different gate positions (beginner, intermediate, advanced) where the marbles can be placed to show you if the ball is hit with the face square and getting the ball to roll on line. If you hit any of the marbles it shows you where your ball is going off line.

There are two slots where the putter sits where you can place tees for the classic gate drill for your putting stroke. You can also move the board placing the tees back in place to setup the classic gate drill for your putter. If you putter hits either of the tees it shows you the putter is coming back to the ball off center. Using these slots will setup this drill perfectly every time.

The SmartLine Putting Pro Board can be used for straight putts or breaking putts pointing the gate are your start line.


You will receive:

– SmartLine Putting Pro Board with 6 marbles and case
– Does NOT include tees

– BONUS – one (1) Golf ball alignment tool and one (1) SmartLine Putting black pen


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