SmartLine Putting System Putting Pack
June 10, 2019
The Putting Circuit Video
November 13, 2019
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SmartLine Putting System Putting Pack + The Putting Circuit video


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SmartLine Putting is an innovative green reading system to help golfers have a consistent approach to green reading and aiming on the correct line. The specially designed SmartLine Putting Ball Marker will help the golfer aim at the correct spot. Stop guessing on the greens. SmartLine Putting will give you the confidence to make more putts.

You will receive:
– One (1) SmartLine Putting Ball Marker
– Logoed drawstring pouch
– Printed instructions in pouch
– Access to all SmartLine Putting instruction videos on the SmartLine Putting website

– BONUS – one (1) Golf ball alignment tool and one (1) SmartLine Putting black pen

The SmartLine Putting Elevated Putting String is a great training aid to help you with your alignment, putting stroke, green reading and visualization. The rods are 9 1/2 inches long and made from metal. These are premium quality – don’t settle for cheap imitations! The white elastic string measures 12 feet and can stretch further to accommodate longer putts. Comes with a SmartLine Putting zippered bag for easy transport and storage.
The putting string can be used to confirm the putter face is square at address, to help with the path of the putter, to see if the ball starts on the correct line during the putt and other helpful uses for your putting. It can be used for both straight and breaking putts. For breaking putts, set the string where you want the ball to start and the string helps to visualize the putt. For both straight and breaking putts the string helps you see if you are able to start the ball on your correct start line under the string. Use with your SmartLine Putting ball marker to set the string on the correct line.
You will receive:

– Premium quality elevated putting string (metal rods, white elastic string)
– SmartLine Putting zippered pouch

PLUS The Putting Circuit Video

I’ve put together my best drills and scoring games to help you have purpose when you practice. Most golfers don’t know the best way to practice especially with putting. I have divided it into 4 sections – short putts, medium putts, long putts and scoring games. Every drill and scoring game has specific goals you have to complete to finish them such as needing to make a certain number of putts in a row or in the safe zone or a certain total score. This is not about putting mechanics. The practice will have variety and pressure similar to when you play on the course. Follow the drills and scoring games and it will make you a better putter and help you lower your scores.

You will always have access to these videos and can view them anytime and as often as you would like

Once purchased I will send you your password to The Putting Circuit video on the Smartline Putting website



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